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Internet Slang: SMH

SMH is one of the widely used words in the urban dictionary these days and it has more presence online. But what really is SMH and what does it mean?

SMH is short for “shaking my head.” Many people also use it as an easier way to say “shake my head.” This phrase is usually said as a reaction to a mishap or some goofy situation that makes you shake your head. For instance, if someone is disappointed because of a particular event, you can easily say “SMH” as a response to the topic discussed. You can also use “SMH” to respond to a corny joke that is not that funny at all. That means that you get the joke but since it is not that funny to actually make you laugh, you might as well “shake your head.”

These days, there are a lot of internet slangs that majority of people cannot understand. These include TBH which is short for “to be honest” and IDK which is often used as a replacement for “I don’t know” or “I have no idea about it.” Therefore, if you encounter the word “SMH” in the internet or in text messages, you should take note that it is used as a shortcut for “shaking my head.” That means that people are displeased about the topic that you are discussing or you have said something that they don’t like or agree with. Be sure to define vicariously here!

There are several ways in which SMH can be used in a sentence and below are some of them:


- I can’t believe how rude he was during the interview. SMH.

- The review got me SMH.

- SMH on how she treated him in the press conference.

However, SMH cannot only be used in negative connotations because you can still use it when talking about something that you can hardly believe. That means that if you have encountered something awesome that you wish to share, you can also use SMH to describe your excitement. For example, you can say: The lyrics were so great SMH on how creative the songwriters are! In this usage, “SMH” is used to express how amazing the lyrics of the song are that the speaker had his head shaking in amazement. Make sure to check out this website at for more details about facts

SMH can be used in so many ways but you have to be very careful with your usage and interpretation as it can be commonly mistaken as the short for the phrase “so much hate.” Know about living vicariously through someone else here!

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